Current Courses:

ES 4900/5900: Environment, Peacebuilding, and Security – Designed as a hands-on overview of contemporary environmental issues, students explore how the disparate topics of environment and security are linked. Through this course students hear first-hand from practitioners, review environmental peacebuilding tool kits, and build a foundation of understanding through the exploration of literature and case studies. 

ES 6830: Concepts of Environmental Sustainability – Students examine global and regional environmental issues and consider the scientific basis for policy decision in this course. The concepts and discussions of environmental sustainability can be broadly applied to wide variety of academic disciplines.

Es 4500″ Environmental Studies Capstone Seminar – This interdisciplinary seminar incorporates problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills in the context of contemporary environmental issues. Recent topics of focus have included Global Sustainability and Environmental Leadership.

Alternating Course Offerings:

  • Global Environmental Politics (Ohio University & Georgetown University) (Grad & Undergrad)
  • Climate Change (Ohio University) (Undergrad)
  • Environmental Leadership (Ohio University) (Grad & Undergrad)
  • Global Sustainability (Ohio University) (Undergrad)
  • Global Sustainability and Environmental Leadership (Ohio University) (Undergrad)
  • Environment and Society (Ohio University) (Grad)
  • Concepts of Sustainability (Ohio University) (Grad)
  • Environment, Peacebuilding, and Security (Ohio University & Monterey Institute of International Studies) (Grad & Undergrad)
  • Study Abroad Program: Environmental Peacebuilding and Sustainability: Peace Parks in the Balkans (Ohio University) (Grad & Undergrad)
  • War and Peace Studies Capstone (Team Taught; Ohio University) (Undergrad)

Previous teaching positions included Georgetown School of Foreign Service, University of Maryland, College Park; and Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Who says teaching only happens in the classroom?

We need to check our assumptions about security, environment, and the links between the two at the door – watch Geoff explain how nuanced the field of Environment, Security, and Peacebuilding truly is.

Geoff presents “An Uncommon Peace: Environment, Development, and the Global Security Agenda,” at the Wilson Center in 2012.
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