The Al-Moumin Award and Distinguished Lecture on Environmental Peacebuilding shines a spotlight on those leading and shaping the field of environmental peacebuilding. In January of 2018, Geoff and long-time collaborator Dr. Ken Conca of American University received the fifth annual Al-Moumin Award. Named for Dr. Mishkat Al-Moumin, Iraq’s first Minister of the Environment; Dr. Moumin has been a stead fast champion of environmental sustainability, international law, and human rights. Watch Ken and Geoff accept the award and learn more about how they have worked together to further the environmental peacebuilding field here.

Interested in building a career in the environmental peacebuilding and security field? In this podcast episode of Jazzed About Work by WOUB, Geoff explains what experiences in his nearly 30 year career helped shape his approach to the environmental field. Steeped in cross-boundary thinking, Geoff’s contributions to the Voinovich School’s Environmental Studies Program is uniquely defined by incorporating the “social, economic, and political dimensions of how we manage and understand environment and natural resource issues.” Listen here.

“Environmental issues that had the potential to be life and death…those seemed like weighty issues that were worth trying to learn more and then were ultimately the focus of my career.”

-Geoff Dabelko on Jazzed About Work

Nearly thirty years in the Environment, Peacebuilding, and Security field = MANY youtube videos. Check out a few of Geoff’s favorites below and find more here.

Climate Change and Security

Links between climate change and worldwide fragility; a post G7 commissioned report look.
Geoff discusses the complexities of Climate Diplomacy at partner organization adelphi in Berlin, Germany.

Global Environmental Change and Human Security

Insights from the Global Environmental Change and Human Security Conference in Oslo, Norway suggest important human security and environmental change research and conversations are happening – just not in English.
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